Assessing the Challenge – 17 May

For Arts Organisations within the Voluntary Community & Social Economy sector and co-facilitated by CAP and the Interaction Institute for Social Change … this seminar will consult on a range of issues facing the arts sector in particular. This seminar is part of a wider conversation which Building Change Trust is initiating about the future of the VCSE sector.

Stakeholder sessions

The focus of discussions will be on identifying key issues, exploring these in more depth and generating solutions. It is planned to invite participants to reflect on the main themes which emerged from an initial workshop in October together with any additional emerging issues identified from engagements with the sector, policy makers and funders.

The themes arising in October were:

  • The sector’s perceptions of itself and other sectors
  • Resources, finances and structures
  • Contextual challenges
  • Impact and services

At the session participants will be asked to identify any additional issues. They will also consider 3 key questions:

To create the enabling environment that delivers the best outcomes for the people the VCSE sector works with:

  • What specific actions could the VCSE sector take?
  • What specific actions could policy makers take?
  • What specific actions could funders take?

Date and Time: Wednesday 17th May, 1pm – 4pm

Venue: The ARC, 7 Donegall Street Place