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Listen to Conor discussing the Arts Council of Northern Ireland's funding programme in the media. Conor was on the Frank Mitchell show (U105) on Wednesday, 11th April 2018.   On The Mark Patterson Show (Radio Foyle). Discussion starts at around 17 minutes Listen on Radio Foyle (BBC iPlayer)   and on Good Morning Ulster (Radio Ulster). Discussion begins around 48 minutes Listen on Good Morning Ulster (BBC iPlayer)    continue reading
Conor Shields, convenor of the #ArtsMatterNI campaign, on the recently announced Annual Funding Programme 18/19 from the Arts Council NI. And click below to view the full list of organisations offered Annual Funding in 2018/19    ACNI Annual Funding Decisions 2018-19    continue reading After the debate, Conor Shields, CEO of Community Arts Partnership, had a few more words to add. Conor Shields, CAP's CEO and Convenor of #ArtsMatterNI, spoke after #TheArtsDebate — Arts Matter NI (@ArtsMatterNI) February 20, 2018 continue reading - David Boyd - Beat Carnival – 1 hour 13 min in to the programme continue reading
    Members of The Arts Matter NI campaign are deeply concerned to read unconfirmed reports in the Belfast Telegraph (2nd February) of “no confidence votes and walk-outs in opposition to the Chair John Edmund”, by the majority of the Board of the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. Given the Arts Sector’s profound anxiety about proposed cuts and successive reports of the advocacy position of the current Chair, after these further revelations, members of Arts Matter NI do not believe that this Chair can champion our best collective interests. This follows an eight-strong majority of the Arts Council Board continue reading
ARTS COUNCIL OF NORTHERN IRELAND BOARD MEMBERS' STATEMENT As Board Members of the Arts Council, we are aware of the comments made by the Chair of the Arts Council at the Arts and Business Awards event last week. His comments do not reflect any discussion or position which had been agreed by the Arts Council Board. It is therefore our understanding that the Chair was speaking as an individual. We note the Arts Council Executive’s response to the budget issued last Friday and we look forward to a detailed discussion at the next Board meeting on how we will continue reading
  Download Arts Matter NI Budget Response (FINAL) below:    Arts Matter NI Budget Response 2018 FINAL      continue reading
  Arts Matter NI, as the sector-wide campaign to save arts funding, held a sectoral meeting on 18th January in NICVA and now wishes to make this statement as a reflection of that event. DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS There comes a time in the ancient lingering execution lingchi, or Death by a Thousand Cuts, when the prisoner begs for the final stroke to end the torture. The only good news is that today as an arts sector, we find ourselves in January - not April and there is renewed optimism that our politicians may return to government and undo continue reading
Buttons! It’s been such a turbulent time over the past months and colleagues have been asking when the next Captain’s blog would appear. It’s been flat out hectic not just for the organisation I run but right across this sector and indeed every publicly-funded sector. But there is some response that this sector needs to make in light of the news of a further imposition of austerity cuts by our proxy government (the NI Civil Service) and their masters, the Conservative Government in Westminster, whose position is maintained by a confidence and supply arrangement offered by our continue reading
For Arts Organisations within the Voluntary Community & Social Economy sector and co-facilitated by CAP and the Interaction Institute for Social Change … this seminar will consult on a range of issues facing the arts sector in particular. This seminar is part of a wider conversation which Building Change Trust is initiating about the future of the VCSE sector. Stakeholder sessions The focus of discussions will be on identifying key issues, exploring these in more depth and generating solutions. It is planned to invite participants to reflect on the main themes which emerged from an initial workshop in October together continue reading