Statement of Principles

The Arts are central to a flourishing Northern Ireland and should be enshrined in an all-party agreed statement of value, recognising the centrality of the arts to Northern Ireland, its people and its future.

We are asking you to support our belief that:

  1. The arts are fundamental to our quality of life – they make important contributions to improving the learning, health, well-being and confidence of our communities.
  2. The arts are a powerful force for renewal, regeneration, economic development and sustainability.
  3. The arts help us address the unique set of demographic and post-conflict challenges that prevail in Northern Ireland.
  4. The arts are crucial in the development of a skilled and imaginative population.
  5. Artistic expression is an individual right and supports a better understanding of our own and others’ identities.
  6. Arts are crucial for children and young people’s development and education.
  7. The arts encourage understanding, value and enjoyment of our environment.
  8. The arts raise the profile of Northern Ireland at home and abroad, connecting Northern Ireland to the world.

Purpose of Statement

  • Forms the basis of a debate about the value of the arts.
  • Gives people, politicians and organisations a clear sense of what we value.
  • Gives people, politicians and organisations something to support/sign up to.
  • Gives a clear sense of how the arts are central to all aspects of individual, Social and economic development.

What we will do with it

  • Post it on the website.
  • Ask supporters to endorse it.
  • Ask supporters to get others to endorse it.


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